Determination of rational parameters of the logistics chain in the process of customer service in international transportation


  • Oleksandra Orda
  • Oleksiy Sergeev



supply chain, batch size of the cargo, delivery period, total costs, economic effect


In this paper, we propose technological principles for determining rational parameters of the supply chain in order to establish a balance between demand and supply for goods in the chain links under conditions of variable demand and optimisation of total costs for all cargo delivery participants, which will affect the final cost of goods to customers. For the experimental research of the supply chain functioning, the forecast values of demand were determined based on the study of demand trends. As a result of the research conducted using mathematical modelling, regularities of the influence of supply chain parameters on the total costs of delivery participants have been established and rational parameters of the supply chain for consumer goods customers in international connections have been determined, minimising additional costs and ensuring a minimum level of total costs. The positive results of the economic effect estimate demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed solutions.


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