Research the advantages and disadvantages of monorail transport


  • A. Nedak



monorail transport, system, construction, railway, efficiency, guide, pneumatic tires, ecology, safety


Drawing on the technical characteristics of the monorail system design in article describes the advantages and disadvantages of this transport. Was noted important design features which assure should be considered when designing monorail system. It was shown what due to the simplicity of its structure monorail system requires much less time for construction and has a more aesthetic appearance as opposed to elevated design of railway or light rail vehicles. Most monorail wagon equipped with pneumatic tire, unlike the rail bogie with the metal wheels, that to a great extent reflected during operation. Provided the comparative analysis of monorail system with more popular types of ground and underground transport. Based on the statistics data collected indicated the relevance of using the monorail system and positive aspects of the implementation this transport. A detailed analysis of the ecological situation points to the urgent need to reduce emissions in the transport sector, which will be facilitated by the transition to systems operated on electrical feeding. The research of road traffic accidents from 2018 on the example of Ukraine indicates a large number of accidents caused by the collisions and hit-and-run, which can be avoided by introduction the monorail transport, because the system is arranged in such a way trains do not intersect with other road traffic accidents. The full automation of movement provides a high level of security on this type of transport. Several important shortcomings of this transport were identified, the analysis of which the enabling reduce of negative influence and coordinate the working towards their removal in the future. The practical importance of article lies in the fact that the information obtained can be used in the implementation of monorail transport. The research on this subject has prospects in the direction of improving domestic infrastructure and enhance the quality of passenger traffic.


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