Review procedure

The procedure for reviewing articles of the Collection of scientific works of the State University of Information Technologies "Transport Systems and Technologies"

All manuscripts of articles submitted to the editorial office of the journal “Transport Systems and Technologies” are registered. The chief editor or deputy chief editor gets to know them, who decide to send the manuscript of the article to one of the reviewers with whom the journal collaborates. The review procedure is organized in such a way that authors and reviewers do not interact with each other (double blind review)

Members of the editorial board review the manuscript and give their suggestions to the editor-in-chief about sending the article to reviewers - specialists in the subject of the reviewed article. The editors will usually receive feedback from two external reviewers. In some cases, the editors may also involve additional reviewers for a more qualitative evaluation of the scientific article.

After approval of the reviewer's candidacy by the chief editor, the executive secretary, in agreement with the reviewer, sends him the text of the article in typewritten or electronic form (via e-mail) and a cover letter.

The duration of the review should not exceed one month from the receipt of the article to the reviewer.

Each review ends with a recommendation:

the possibility of publishing the article without change;
the possibility of publication, taking into account the introduction of corrections by the author (without re-reviewing or with re-reviewing);
about the refusal to authors to publish the article.

The final decision on the possibility of publishing an article is made by the editorial board, taking into account the received review (s), as well as a reasoned response from the author (s) of the article.

All reviews are kept in the editorial office in writing for five years. Copies of reviews are sent at the request of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

 We ask authors to review the criteria for reviewing, which are based on an assessment of the relevance of the research topic, scientific novelty and the validity of the presented results.