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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

Author Guidelines


The collection of scientific works of SUIT "Transport systems and technologies" only accepts articles in English



 E-mail for submitting  [email protected]


 1. Only scientific articles in English that have not been published before are accepted for publication in the Collection of Scientific Works of the State University of Infrastructure and Technologies "Transport Systems and Technologies" (hereinafter - the Collection). The author has the right to submit only one article in one issue.

2 versions of the article are submitted to the editors:

- main text – .doc or .docx format;

- for review - .pdf format (without protection).

In the .pdf format, the authors remove all information that could identify the authors, namely the surnames and first names of the authors, their positions and places of work, contacts and ORCID. In addition to data about authors, sources with self-citation should be removed. For example, [7] the source is one where the author of the article submitted to the Collection is a co-author. Then this reference in references is drawn up as follows:

“7. cited in the text.”

2. The content of the article should correspond to the thematic direction of the Collection: coverage of the results of scientific research on transport infrastructure and rolling stock, technology and organization of transport processes, automation, information and computer technologies in transport, mathematical modeling of transport objects, power engineering, electrical engineering and electromechanics on transport

List of specialties of the collection:

122 - Computer science and information technologies;

141 - Power engineering, electrical engineering and electromechanics;

151 - Automation and computer-integrated technologies;

273 - Railway transport;

275 - Transport technologies (by types).

The authors are responsible for the materials presented in the article. The editors may not share the position of the authors of the publication and reserve the right to shorten, edit and correct the article (while preserving the main conclusions and author's style).

Articles that do not meet the requirements will not be considered or published.

3. The article must have the following necessary elements:

3.1. UDC number.

3.2. A list of the authors of the article with an indication of the place of work, the address of the institution, and the e-mail address of the author responsible for correspondence.

3.3. Title of the article (no more than 15 words).

3.4. Abstract in English and Ukrainian (150-200 words).

3.5. Keywords (from 5 to 10 words).

3.6. The article is designed according to the requirements.

3.7. List of literature in English (References), designed according to the international bibliographic standard APA.

3.8. Information about the authors in Ukrainian and English.Recommendation - for the correct transliteration of authors' surnames and names into English, use the Internet resources "Ukrainian-English transliteration for a passport" (https:/

4.The structure of the article should contain the following sections:


Analysis of the latest research and problem statement;

The purpose and objectives of the research;

Research materials and methods;


Acknowledgments (optional).

5. The following are submitted to the editorial board of the Collection:

  • one copy of the article, signed by the authors on each page;
  • information about the authors (surname, first name, scientific degree, academic rank, place of work, e-mail, phone numbers) – in two languages: Ukrainian and English. We draw attention to the need for each author to obtain an international ORCID identifier;
  • license agreement for the use of the work (upon acceptance of the article for publication).

6.The material should be presented succinctly, consistently, stylistically competently. The length of the article should not be less than 12 pages and not exceed 28 pages. Exceptions are allowed only by decision of the editorial board of the Collection. The last page of the article should be filled with text at least half. The abstract should clearly state the main idea of ​​the article, substantiate its relevance, practical significance, and briefly state the main results. Key words in the specified language are given after the corresponding annotation. Terms and designations must comply with applicable standards. Repetitions, as well as unnecessary details when conveying previously published information, are not allowed. Units of measurement should be given according to the international SI system of units or in units approved for use in Ukraine in accordance with the requirements of current state standards.

7.Citations, tables, statistical data, digital indicators that increase the level of validity of analytical materials are provided with references to sources. Tables should be numbered and have a title. The authors are responsible for the given indicators.

8.Text materials are prepared and printed on sheets of white single-grade paper using Microsoft Word computer text editors, MathType formula editor is used to set formulas. The use of the built-in Microsoft Word editor is not allowed. Times New Roman font should be used.

9. Page parameters The collection is set as follows:

  • upper margin – 30 mm
  • side margins - 25 mm;
  • lower margin – 35 mm.

Headers and footers, as well as page numbers, should not be entered. Indent the first line of the paragraph -5 mm, the line spacing is single. It is desirable that the last page be filled no less than half.

10.Materials are typed in the following fonts:

  • DOI (DOI:10.32703/2617-XXXX-XXXX-XX)- 12 points, semi-bold italics, placed on the first page of the article);
  • UDC– 11 points, italics;
  • Names and surnames of authors - 12 points, bold italics;
  • Places of work of authors with addresses of institutions - 10 points, ordinary.
  • The title of the article is 12 points, bold;
  • abstract - 11 points, italics;
  • keywords - 11 points, italics;
  • main text - 11 points, ordinary;
  • names of sources in the list of references - 9 points, ordinary;


11.The intervals between the elements of the article are as follows:

  • UDC - authors - 1;
  • authors - place of work - 1;
  • place of work - title of the article - 2;
  • title of the article - abstract and keywords - 2;
  • abstract and keywords - main text - 1;
  • main text – the name of the table (upper edge of the figure, scheme, diagram) – 1;
  • the lower edge of the figure, scheme, diagram - their names - 1;
  • the lower edge of the table (name of figure, diagram, scheme) - main text - 1;
  • main text - DOI - 1;
  • main text - REFERENCES - 1;
  • REFERENCES- list of references - 1.


12.All figures and tables should have names and numbers, for example, "Fig. 1. Calculation scheme..." or "Table 1. Indicators..." The words Fig., Table and their numbers are typed in italics, 11 points, names - in bold, 11 points, names and numbers of tables are placed above the tables, and figures - below them center The size of the drawing should ensure the visibility of all its elements. The resolution of the drawings is as follows:

- for black and white – not lower than 300 dpi.

- for color - not lower than 500 dpi.

Drawings are submitted as separate files in .jpeg, .jpg, .tiff formats.

Captions in figures should be the same size as the main text.

If the table does not fit on one page, all its columns are numbered, and above the transferred part of the table on the right, it is noted: "Continuation of the table." indicating the table number.


13. Formulas are located in the center of the page. The MathType program is used when setting formulas. The number of the formula is placed on the right at the end of the line, in round brackets, without entering the field. A one-line space is maintained between the formula and the text. The font size in the formula editor should match the size of the main text.

14. List of used sources must contain at least 15 items:

The sources should be peer-reviewed scientific works (monographs, articles, scientific publications). If there is a doi, it should be given at the end of the link.

It is not allowed to provide links in the form of web pages.

Sources should not be older than 10 years.

Self-citation should not exceed 20% of the total number of references.


- citation of russian and belarusian authors;

- citing sources published in russia and belarus;

- regulatory documents.


We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the form for reviewing materials download

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